How to Play Blink

No, I'm not talking about a bunch of sighted people pretending to be blind, I'm talking about a great card game for children.

Blink is a great two-player game that can help teach children (with enough vision) about shapes, colors and how to count.

There are four colors of cards with different amounts and types of shapes on the cards. Each player starts with half of the cards in a pile in front of them and two cards lying face up in the middle. Then each player picks up three cards to hold in their hand. Players try to get rid of the cards in their hand by matching either the shape, color, or number of shapes to the top card in the piles. The game goes quick because if any part of the card matches one in the pile you can lay it down.

The object of the game is to get rid of your cards as fast as you can. If younger children are playing the pace of the game will need to be slowed down so they have time to match the cards. Younger children usually rely on the shapes and colors since counting the shapes is more difficult. But the game is still fun for them as well.


emma said…
that was really good instructions i remebered i loved that game but we lost it and then we found it but we forgot how to play so thanks so much

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