"A Look Into Our i's"

By A group of young people with visual impairments

This compilation of introspective writings gives readers a glimpse into the lives of some extraordinary teenagers who share their perspectives on issues related to growing up with a visual impairment. The twelve authors, ages 13 through 19, all participated in a GRADS group through The Delta Gamma Center in St. Louis, MO. They discussed their concerns and wrote their stories at monthly meetings over a two year period. Their stories give us a look into the "i's" that they feel are most important to them:

  • independence
  • inclusion
  • intelligence
  • inspiration
  • idealism
  • imagination

We are confident that their book will demonstrate to readers that you do not need perfect vision to achieve the important things in life. "Looking through another's eyes can be scary but it must be done. For that is how bridges of friendship and understanding are raised from the depths of fear and pity." - Sierra Gregg, age 14

In Braille and large print. For pricing for orders over ten books, please call 314-776-1300, ext. 102.

Click this link to purchase A Look Into Our i's from The Delta Gamma Center website.


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