The musical Mouse Pad

For most totally blind computer users, the mouse pad is just something that sits on their desk taking up space. If you use a screen reader to access Windows you don't really have a use for the old mouse and certainly not the mouse pad.

Well if you're into audio and recording things with your computer, I'm about to change your mind about the good old mouse pad, this one really can be a benefit to any computer user.

One of the most annoying things to do around the computer is to try to find those small audio jacks on the back of the computer's case. (I know, some computers have audio jacks on the front panel, but many don't). The Musical Mouse Pad solves this problem by adding jacks to the mouse pad. Think of it! Your audio jacks are always next to the keyboard. Check out these features:

  • USB Connector (4 Port), for video, MP3 and other USB digital equipment
  • Internal stereo speaker for listening to music and chatting
  • Internal microphone for direct talk
  • Connector for headset and audio output
  • Microphone Connector for Output
  • Mini LED Indicator

What more could you want from a mouse pad?

Click this link to purchase the Music Mouse Pad from The Gadget Box.


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