Protect the People You Love with MedicAlert

Have you ever considered what might happen if your child had a medical emergency and you weren't around? What if your child couldn't speak due to a disability or because he was unconscious, how could he get help?

Any chronic or persistent condition warrants a MedicAlert necklace or bracelet. The emblems are easily recognizable by medical personnel, and simple to use. When your child becomes a MedicAlert member, he or she gets an identifying number. By calling the clearly engraved 1-800 number and giving your child's identifying number on the back of the emblem, professionals at the scene of an emergency can find out your child's pertinent medical information-like current medications and dosages, allergies, chronic conditions, disorders, and other issues. And it's very easy to update the information when it changes. MedicAlert has your contact information and will immediately notify you in the event of an emergency involving your child. If they can't reach you, they will attempt to reach relatives or friends on a list which you have provided.

MedicAlert tags can be ordered with decorative sports bands in a variety of fun patterns, or on a bracelet with beads (lots of styles and colors to choose from), as a shoe band, or other options. Emblems come in gold, silver, bronze, and other styles. The old-standard metal necklace is still available, but your child might be more inclined to wear a MedicAlert emblem in a fun, stylish new way.

MedicAlert has been in business for 50 years, and has saved numerous lives. Get your child his own special emblem today, and you'll have peace of mind.

To contact MedicAlert, take a look at their website: Or, call 888-904-7630. MedicAlert is great for the senior members of your family as well.


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