Protect Your Identity While Surfing the Web

Whenever you visit a Web site, information about you and your computer is often released to the owners of that site. This information might contain your IP address, your geographic location, e-mail address, the ISP you are using, etc. This information may be used for marketing purposes, logging users (usually to protect against hackers) and possibly for spamming. With the increasing amount of businesses and the government tracking Internet users, many have turned to totally hiding their identity while online.

One of the steps you can take to protect your online privacy is to use Proxify, which can be found at

Proxify uses a proxy, which is a server that sits between a client computer and the actual server to hide the identity of the client computer, which in turn, hides your identity. Proxify can even hide your computer's IP address, so you are always surfing the Web anonymously. All you have to do is type in the address of the Web site that you wish to visit and Proxify will hide your computer's identity.

If you want more features, such as blocking advertising, protecting your operating system and Internet browser information, you can subscribe to their premium service. Just remember, when you surf anonymously, you are not only protecting your personal and computer information, but you are also preventing spam and possible scams from coming your way!

Click this link to visit the Proxify website at


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