Share Your Music with TuneFeed

Australian photo sharing site has a service called TuneFeed, that makes it easy for anyone to upload a few tracks from their personal collection of MP3s and share them via an online player. The beauty of this process is the sheer simplicity in uploading and sharing files. You can upload a handful of tracks or your entire music library. Sort tracks into playlists based on whatever your mood happens to be and post the playlists to MySpace, a blog, or any personal Web page.

Ideally the company would love for you to send people to your account, but there's nothing forcing you to stay in their universe. All file hosting is handled by TuneFeed meaning you never need to worry about running out of bandwidth. A future method for purchasing tracks you find in other people's playlists is promised and a revenue split for making the introduction to other listeners might be in the works as well.

All TuneFeeds are fully RSS enabled, so listeners can subscribe to your own personal online "radio station" and automatically hear your latest music as you upload it!

To share your music, you must first upload some songs in MP3 format to your Locker. Your Locker is a secure online storage area for your photos and music. Once your songs are in your Locker, you can add them to TuneFeeds for sharing.

The only catch here is a monthly upload limit for free accounts - a healthy 500MB of storage and 10GB of data transfer is available for free. The company claims this is 100% legal, presumably because they are paying royalties to the record companies who own rights to the music, although I couldn't find the fine print that spells out how they are doing this. One thing's for sure, there's no way to download the MP3s so you're in good shape for sharing.

Click this link to start sharing your music with TuneFeed:


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