StrapTrap traps runaway bra straps

As a guy, I'm glad I don't have to mess around with a bra each morning. I don't see how you gals do it! How uncomfortable it must be.

Having a wife, and her having friends, I have come to understand two basic problems when wearing a bra.

  • You can't keep the straps up on your sholders.
  • The straps can be easily seen when wearing a top with a large neckline.

I know some women take safety pins and pinned the straps to the inside of their top, but that would seem to be a time-consuming project. To me, it would be hard to place the pins in just the right place so that the pins don't show. This would be even more difficult if you couldn't see what you were doing.

Some women move their straps closer to the ends of their sholders in order to hide the straps. That could cause all kinds of problems later on in the day. Talk about restrictive motion!

Well ladies, I have two products and a website you'll be interested in. The first is called StrapTraps. Described simply, a StrapTrap is: "A small fitment which is attached to [the] shoulder seam of a sleeveless blouse etc... into which a bra strap can be placed. The fitment stops the bra strap slipping in to view." They come in white or black, and are available in retail packs of six pairs as well as in multi packs. If you can sew on a button, you can sew on StrapTraps.

The other item is called Brabuddy. This is a simple clip that converts a regular bra into a crossback-style bra, by pulling the two straps together. Not only does it prevent the bra straps from falling off the shoulders, but it also allows the wearing of racerback tops without the bra straps showing. The maker also claims that it is cleavage enhancing.

The Brabuddy is available in packs of three, with one each of clear, white and black.

The LG Accessories website at offers a variety of products to help women hide their straps.


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