Super-Sized TV Remote

How many times have you lost the remote control to the TV? How long did it take you to find it again? Maybe you're one of the lucky ones with a built-in beeper that helps you find it when it falls inside the recliner.

How would you like to have a remote that you're sure not to lose? A remote that is accessible to everyone in your family? Brookstone may have the answer with their Super-Sized TV Remote.

With giant buttons, this extra-large remote is easy to use and impossible to lose. Simple to program, this 6-in-1 remote controls your TV, VCR, DVD player, satellite, cable and auxiliary A/V device. It even features glow-in-the-dark buttons, so you can easily find the remote in the dark. Features 296 codes for most popular brands of A/V devices. Uses two AA batteries (not included).

Click this link to order the Super-Sized TV Remote from Brookstone.


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