Ten Ways to Use Soap Pieces

Everyone has soap leftover at the end of a bar. Often they are tiny slivers, still more often than not they are pieces or chunks that are too small to use properly. So what do you do when you have the last few slivers of soap left and you really don't want to waste them? Here are ten great uses for soap leftovers.

  1. You can place them into a pot on the stove with some water. Either shave them or drop them by chunks. You can use different colors and scents to create a whole new bar of soap. Melt the pieces stirring often and pour into a muffin pan to mold.
  2. Cut a slice into a sponge and you can put some of the soap slivers into the slot you created. You now have an already soaped body scrubber. You can purchase these at the stores for around $5 and think, you just made one for less than half the cost!
  3. If the soap slivers are scented, you can put them in bowls with potpourri for a nicely scented room. They work well in the bathroom because of the small size.
  4. Create sachets with scented soap bits and shavings to scent drawers, closets and anywhere else (including the car) that might need a fresh pick up.
  5. Keep small bits to rub on sticky zippers to help them slide easier.
  6. Great for advertising a car for sale or something else. The soap goes on, but the next rain it comes right off. Recommended only on windows, as there is no telling how harsh it might be on the paint of the car.
  7. You can sprinkle some soap shavings into running bathwater for a nice relaxing bath.
  8. Sprinkle some soap shavings in a bucket or bowl, add hot water and swirl around. You now have a terrific cleaning solution for cleaning surfaces, toys, kitchen items and even clothing. Also a great idea for craft clean up. Gentle on hairbrushes too!
  9. You can soak several chunks in hot water to soften them and then press them into molds, cookie cutters or whatever to create tiny bath soaps for the bathroom.
  10. You can rub soap shavings on anything that is sticky and needs to loosen a bit. Works well on door hinges to stop the squeak. You can use them on sticky sliding glass doors or closets by dropping shavings down into the cracks or rubbing a bar or chunk along the runner.


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