What Color is That Caller?

I'm a big fan of the "don't call me, I'll call you" mentality so when the phone rings I know it's either some telemarketer or a piece of bad news. Unfortunately the talking caller ID phone that we had stopped working and the base station, which has a large print display, is too far away for my wife to see who's calling. That's why I like this Color-Call caller ID system, it tells you who's calling at a glance. It won't help me (I guess I'll have to break down and purchase another talking unit) but it will be a great help to my wife.

The Color-Call Caller ID System uses ColorSmart technology to assign one of four colors red, green, blue or purple to a particular phone number or group, so you can see who's calling from across the room. Scrolling colors indicate an unassigned, unknown or blocked call. One-button operation to store numbers by color. Holds 100 numbers. Missed-call log for 30 numbers, new call counter and total call counter. Three-line LCD display shows telephone number and caller. Features a high/low dimmer.

When calls come in, the system illuminates a different color, so you know if it's a specified group, like family, friends or coworkers, or a particular phone number. Scrolling colors when the phone is not ringing indicates there are missed calls on the call log.

NOTE: **In order for Color-Call to work, you must have your phone company's caller ID service activated on your phone line

Click this link to purchase the Color-Call Caller ID System from the Brookstone website.


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