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TV Guide has found possibly the simplest interface for TV listings and it's from an unexpected source. Often times, wireless interfaces to websites are more usable and slimmed down, making them easier to navigate. Try this link to TV Guide's wireless portal, and obtain a list of what's currently on for your cable or satellite provider in a few seconds. The listings are completely uncluttered, with just the channel number, name, and the current show.

Click this link to visit the wireless version of TV-Guide's TV listings:


Epguides is a website where you can quickly lookup TV show episode titles and air dates. The site currently has episode lists for over 4100 TV shows. You can search and browse them alphabetically, sort them by year, check out currently running shows and view a current and fall US TV schedule grid.

Additionally you can subscribe to newly added shows, recently canceled shows (US only) and recently released US and UK TV DVDs, and get updates on your feed reader using RSS.

Click this link to visit


LocateTV is a quick search engine for TV listings, in particular for TV shows and Movies. Find out when your favorite shows or movies are shown on TV, see whether they are available online (both free and paid), and view where you can get them on DVD.

Click this link to visit

RerunCheck Notifies You if Your Favorite Show is a Repeat

RerunCheck saves you from the time and frustration of setting aside time for live television, only to say: Wait a second, I've seen that before, man, it's a rerun.

RerunCheck is a very straightforward search, having you type or grab a show name from a list of popular entries. RerunCheck tells you if the next airtime of that show is a rerun or not via email and RSS notifications, and without setting up an account. The only additional feature account registration seems to add is the ability to manage the two types of notifications, although if you use RSS ,all you need to do to manage things is delete the feed when you don't want it anymore.

Click this link to use


Unknown said…
Is there a web site that gives you just a quick listing of all the programs with video description?
Unknown said…
NFB-NEWSLINE® also provides print-disabled individuals with access to TV listings customized to their location and the means by which they receive their television signal. These listings are available by calling into our system, and can also be accessed via Web News on Demand, our secure, text-only Web site. Web News on Demand allows subscribers to scan daily television listings channel by channel, skipping from one channel to the next, or to select to view a particular channel by typing in the channel’s number into a user-entry field.

For more information about NFB-NEWSLINE®, please visit and and/or call us at (866) 504-7300.

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