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One of the big health concerns facing people right now is heart disease. This site is devoted to providing heart healthy tips for you and your family. Navigation is pretty simple here. There are buttons near the top of the page that break the site down into four sections. Under those, there are two more links: What's New and Search.

The Healthy Fridge: Here you will find 10 tips to a heart healthy refrigerator, the FAQs, Meet the Doctor and "Open the Door to a Healthy Heart." The tips have great suggestions for organizing your fridge so you eat better and the FAQs have some great answers to our burning questions.

Good Nutrition: Here you have a quiz that tests your knowledge of Saturated Fat, you can find Heart Healthy recipes for both kids and adults, you can even figure out what you should eat, check out the section on women's eating habits and so much more. This section is all about good nutrition and how you can get to where you do have good nutrition, if you don't already.

Heart of the Matter: This is where you can learn all you need to know about heart disease. This section talks about cholesterol and how to count it. It also has a calculator for your risk of heart disease. You need to know your Total cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol and Systolic Blood Pressure to use it. Don't you deserve to know the facts about heart disease?

Just for Kids: Recent studies show that heart disease can be traced back to childhood, so it's important to make sure your kids learn to eat heart smart. Here they can check out recipes, take a quiz, play with a word search and learn the facts about children and heart disease.

This is a great site for the whole family. It teaches us all about heart disease and healthy eating. It even has great tips on how to better shop for, plan for and make heart healthy meals.

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