Letter Case Mania in MS-Word

Ever find that you're constantly trying to change the capitalization of words or sentences? What do you do?

Maybe you highlight the word or phrase and retype it.

Maybe you're the type who only replaces the individual letters that need to be changed. What a headache!

Are you the person who found the Change Case feature on the Format menu? You know, where you get the choices of sentence case, all lowercase letters, all uppercase letters, all title case letters or to toggle all letters between upper and lowercase. There's a faster way than this.

Let's start with the most versatile choice.

Once you highlight the text to change, use Shift + F3. You'll scroll between sentence case letters, all lowercase letters and all uppercase letters.

But what if you're tired of rotating through the choices and just want to jump straight to UPPERCASE?

You could use the Format menu, Change Case choice, but there's a faster way, Control+Shift+A.

  • To change a single word, simply put the cursor on the word and hit Control+Shift+A.
  • Changing multiple words can be done by highlighting them before you use Control+Shift+A.

In either case, to toggle the text back to its original form, use Control+Shift+A again.


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