My Grocery Deals is a free service that allows consumers to go online, do their grocery pre shopping based on advertised grocery flyer specials, look at nutritional information, create their shopping list and then head out to their selected store(s) with list in hand.

The site allows members to search through local grocery weekly ads to find deals and sales. Then you can customize your very own price optimized shopping list. It is really pretty handy as it shows the original price, with what the sale price is, and is very easy when working with coupons to see what you have and what you will save. It does the work for you. After you've made your shopping list, which can be categorized by store, etc. you can save your list and print it or send it via email, which is another really handy feature.

Another feature I found quite interesting and probably quite handy for some, is that there is an allergy alert system. If someone you shop for in your household has a food allergy of some type, it can be entered in your profile and if anything you have checked to purchase contains that item, it will be flagged.

In addition to offering the sales ad browsing feature, the shopping list creator, the allergy flagger and several other options, also has a coupon printer. The software download is spam free, downloads quickly and there are literally tons of coupons to choose from. Check mark what you want, and print them out. Seems easy enough!

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