Search the Zoo

We're not talking about a trip to your local zoo, but a great search engine for the net called This is a kid-friendly search engine that should be bookmarked in every parent/school's Web browser. It's custom made just for kids. When you use, it brings you search results from different search engines like Yahoo!, Google, Wikipedia, etc. The good thing is that it censors the search results before they are displayed on your computer screen, which stops the chances of anything unsuitable being presented. There is also a News tab, which brings all the latest news from ABC, FOX and Yahoo! Although you can customize any of the individual search engines to censor the content and the links in search results, one big advantage with is that it brings you the collective results from most of the more prominent search engines.

I tested the site by searching for different terms and found that when encounters something that might be offensive, it simply displays a warning telling you that it cannot display the search results related to that particular search. It really worked well and it's great with screen readers and screen magnification programs.

Click this link to search the net with


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