An Alternative to Perkins: The Tatrapoint

Tatrapoint is a mechanical six-key Braille typewriter with adjustable key spacing. Every model comes with adjustable left and right margins and a warning bell 5 cells before the end of the line. It also includes Dymo tape holders on the carriage for making Braille labels.

For years there has been no option for a manual Brailler. Now there is, and it's smaller, lighter, cheaper and more flexible!

The Tatrapoint Adaptive 2, from SVEC a SPOL of Slovakia features:

  • Adjustable left and right margins
  • Adjustable spacing between keys to allow for different sized hands
  • Line-end bell 5 cells before the end of the line
  • Carriage release and backspace key
  • Dymo tape clips integrated for embossing dymo tape
  • Precise paper transport for exact readjustment of corrections in previously written text
  • Dimensions: 40cm x 26cm x 8.5cm
  • Weight: 2.75kg
  • Paper: Standard braille paper (11 1/2 " x 11")
  • Extras: carrying case and shoulder strap

For more information, contact:

SVEC a SPOL s.r.o
Stanicna 502
95201 Vrable
Slovak Republic
Phone: 00421-37-783-3445
Fax: 00421-37-783-3137

Click this link to learn more about the Tatrapoint brailler.


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