Bargains for the Blind

There are lots of sites that track the lowest prices for computers, music, electronics and TV's. It's often hard to find who has the best deal for a talking watch or an accessible cell phone. features deals, coupons, bargains, and the lowest prices for blindness-related items, whether they be designed for the blind or just happen to work for us. They won't post all of the deals, just the lowest prices by reputable merchants.

To see what the site is all about, visit

Note: The Blindness Auction Gateway is a part of this site, allowing you to search for blindness-related items on Ebay.

Blind Bargains Offers Simple Ways to Search for Products

"At Blind Bargains, we're always looking for new ways for you to more easily search and find products online. Now, we're pleased to offer two new options for users of the popular Window-Eyes and Jaws for Windows screen readers. Window-Eyes users can install our Product Search script, a custom box which allows you to search for products and scroll through the results. With the script, it's simple to browse descriptions and open the websites for the products you are interested in. Other features allow you to copy the product's URL to the clipboard or export your results to a text file.

Jaws users can try the Research-It script, written by Sean Randall. The Blind Bargains Product Search allows you to search for specific items directly from the Jaws Research-it command. You can find these programs on our apps page, a central page where we will post the latest applications that are compatible with our site."

Click this link to visit the Blind Bargains App page.


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