Braille Blocks for Babies

These classic ABC blocks from Uncle Goose are available in braille. Great for families with visually-impaired members, parents or children. These blocks are admired by teachers for the use of lower-case letters. The European style font makes this set not only functional because it is easily traced by little fingers, but attractive as well.

The Braille Math set of 16 blocks is embossed with numbers and math symbols (+, -, =) using the Braille Nemeth code. On two sides of each block a number or symbol is impressed into the block along with the corresponding Braille cell and a series of dots to represent the number. A great companion to our Braille alphabet block set. Ages 2 & up.

Uncle Goose also offers multiple alphabets, including Greek, Danish, Spanish and Russian. They even have a replacement service, because these aren't the sort of toys where you simply shrug if you lose a piece: they're just too nice.

Uncle Goose Toys
PO Box 1355
Grand Rapids, MI 49501-1355
Toll Free: 888-774-2046 Phone: 616-365-1274
Fax: 616-365-1636 Web:
Click this link to purchase the Braille Blocks for Babies from the Uncle Goose website.


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