Double Spacing in MS-Word

A few days ago, my son was working on a document for school. He came to me and asked if I knew how to turn on the double-spacing option in Word. I looked through the menu options and couldn't find it. I eventually was able to locate the feature and he got an A on the paper.

As I sat searching for this feature I thought, "This would make a great Fred's Head article," so here it is!

By default, MS-Word documents are single-spaced, which is great for most of what we do, but what about that small percentage of documents where you need things double-spaced?

Double-spacing is set through the Format menu, Paragraphs option. In the middle section of the Paragraph window entitled Spacing, you will find the Line spacing options. Using the pull down menu, you can select double-spaced or whatever you like. There are several choices listed there.

Once you've made your choice, click the OK button.

You can quickly turn on the double-spacing feature by using the keyboard command Control+2. To go back to single-spacing, use Control+1 and, as an added bonus, 1.5 line spacing is Control+5.

Now, what if you have a document that is already written single-spaced? Simply highlight the entire document (Control+A) and then follow the instructions to double-space the text.

What if you only need a section of the document double-spaced? You have two choices. First, you could turn the double-spacing on at the point it's needed, type the text and then turn it off when you've completed the section. Second, you could go ahead and type the text single-spaced. Then you would highlight the text you want to be double-spaced and follow the above process.

That's it! All the space you could ever want and then some!


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