How to Play the Alphabet Game

The Alphabet game is a perfectly fun way to pass the time and hone your kid's alphabet, attention and memory skills. The game involves the repeating of the phrase: "I'm going on vacation and bringing..."

This is a simple and fun game to play with kids and adults of almost any age. Here are the basic rules you'll want to follow:

  1. Players must announce one item (food, animal, anything really) that they will bring with them on their trip.
  2. The first person uses the letter A.
  3. The second player must use the letter B, and so on.
  4. The challenging part of this game is that each player must run through the entire list on every turn. This challenges everyone's vocabulary and memory (not just the little ones!). When you get to the second half of the alphabet it gets rather dicey trying to recall what item starting with F or G is going to be included.

Here is an example of how things could proceed in a game with three players: Player 1: I am going on vacation and bringing an Apple. Player 2: I am going on vacation and bringing an Apple and a Butterfly. Player 3: I am going on vacation and bringing an Apple, a Butterfly and a Chalkboard. Player 1: I am going on vacation and bringing an Apple, a Butterfly, a Chalkboard and a Diaper. And so on.

Another variation of this game is to tie each letter/item together. For example, if the first player again says Apple, but now the next in line must come up with a B-word that is related to an Apple. If that next player opts for Banana (sticking with the fruit theme) the following player now needs a C-word that relates to Banana (Central America - the source of some Bananas would be interesting). You may have been thinking another fruit related food item for the letter C, but getting away from the expected can take this version of the game down funny and more difficult paths. This can be made harder, easier or themed depending on what you start with, for example Appendix may cause the entire game to be played with body-part words or words relating to books/literature.


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