How to Play Go Fish

I remember playing Go Fish with my grandmother several years ago. It's a fun little game that's a great way to pass some time on a rainy day. Do you remember how to play? Have you played it with your children? Let's refresh you on the game.

The Rules: If you haven't played in a while, Go Fish begins by shuffling the deck of cards. This is usually a job for the adults. But you can take time to teach the children how to shuffle. You deal out five cards to each player. You can have up to four players comfortably. You look at the five cards you have and if you have any matching pairs, you lay them down - face down or face up.

The youngest player goes first. They begin by asking one of the other players if they have a particular card. For example, do you have any 2s. If you are using a regular deck of cards, you may have them specify - do you have a red 2 or a black 2. You can play Go Fish by suits, but that's a lot harder and can take a lot longer.

If the player who was asked has the 2, they pass it to the person who asked. If they don't have it, they say "Go Fish" and the player who made the request then draws a card from the deck in the center. Play continues clockwise around the table until a player is out of cards. The first person to run out of cards, wins.

Click this link to purchase a braille set of Go Fish cards from the Badger Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired website.


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