Take Your Magnifier to the Max

For a powerful and affordable digital magnifier mini CCTV that is easy to use - look no further than the Max Full-Color Digital Handheld Magnifier. Use this lightweight, hand-held portable low vision device on any straight or curved surface to magnify images and text from 15x to 30x! Move the Max Full Color Digital Handheld Magnifier over books, newspapers, magazines, or even medicine labels and read with ease. It connects quickly to any TV and is ideal for use at work, school or even on vacation.

Max is a powerful, portable, hand-held digital magnifier mini CCTV designed for people with low vision. The size of a computer mouse, the Max offers multiple viewing options and low vision magnification up to 28x on a 30" TV. View pictures in photo mode or choose between high contrast positive or high contrast negative for easy reading.


  • Magnifies images on any surface, curved or straight from 15x to 30x
  • Four viewing modes: full color, black and white, high contrast negative and high contrast positive
  • Power supply included
  • Built-in RCA and RF jack for connection to any TV
  • Designed for right or left-handed use
  • Weighs less than 4 ounces
  • Light, convenient and easy to use
  • 1 year limited warranty - 30-day money back guarantee

Click this link to purchase the Max Full Color Digital Handheld Magnifier from SHOP.COM.


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