Tips for Cleaning the Stove

Cleaning the stove can be one of those chores that make a root canal seem more pleasant to endure. Still, it doesn't have to be that way if you don't want it to be. Ponder the following tips the next time you are faced with the formidable task of cleaning your stove.

  • The Stovetop: Most stovetops can be washed down with hot water and regular detergent. For those spills that have lived for a long time rent-free on your range surface or on those chrome and stainless steel parts, use a little baking soda and water. They will vacate the premises soon after you apply a smooth paste to the area and leave it on for five to ten minutes. Then wipe it off with a soft cloth and rinse with a solution of white vinegar mixed with water. Results are reminiscent of that old song, "Nowhere to run to, baby; nowhere to hide."

    For the cleanest oven top on your block, mix equal parts warm water and ammonia. Apply, wait thirty seconds and then rub as necessary. Rubbing alcohol also brings a beautiful shine to your stovetop. To clean and shine those messy chrome burner trim-rings, rub well with a paste of vinegar and cream of tartar.

  • Stove Burner Drip Pans: One quick way to clean burner drip pans and rings is to simply add them to your next dishwasher cycle. For stubborn stains on drip-trays, place an ammonia-soaked cloth in it and leave it overnight. Wash off well with dish soap and water.

  • Oven Spills: While this tip may seem like part of a family recipe of some sort, it isn't. When spills occur, sprinkle with a mixture of one part cinnamon and six parts table salt. Not only will it absorb the spill, but it will also help remove the burnt food odor. To dislodge baked on spills, apply a paste of baking soda and water. You may need to add a little elbow grease too.

  • The Oven Racks: Place your oven racks in a garbage bag and throw in an ammonia-soaked cloth. Seal the bag tightly and leave outside overnight. Wash down well with soap and water the next day.

  • Oven Trays: In the case of oven trays, an ounce of prevention is truly better than a pound of cure. Add a small amount of water to your trays while baking and broiling. This can save a lot of time later when it comes to cleaning them. If you are opposed to water for any reason, you can cover the bottom of the pan with aluminum foil as a spill-catching alternative. Oven trays as well as pans should be dried well after washing to prevent rusting. Place them in a warm oven so that they dry really well.

  • The Oven Window: For that brown-stained window that no cleanser known to man seems to alleviate, make a thick paste of baking soda and water. Coat the inside of the window well with the mixture and leave on for 10 to 15 minutes or until completely dry and then rinse with clean water.

Remember that only you can prevent a dirty stove. (I ought to know. I have one.) Happy Stove Cleaning.


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