Dog Poop Freeze Spray

Any dog guide handler will tell you, there's nothing quite more disturbing than the feel of a fresh, warm, squishy pile of dog poop in your hand, through the barely-there protection of an inside-out plastic bag. But it doesn't have to be that way.

How about you freeze dry the poop before you pick it up? Who comes up with this stuff?

Anyway, Poop-Freeze is a poop freezer in aerosol form. I'm not sure just what chemical is contained within, but upon a short spray, will turn your dog's (or cat's) feces outer layer rock hard, lowering its temperature to a poop-chilling -62° F and making disposal more convenient. It's a great companion to a pooper scooper for clean, fast dog or cat poop disposal.

Click this link to learn more or to purchase some POOP-FREEZE for your guide:


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