A Fresh Look at McDonald's Through Podcasting

Did you know that McDonald's has a podcast? I was browsing through their website and came to a link that said "podcast" and I was really surprised at what I found.

"In order to share the real story of McDonald's, we have created a series of podcasts. We hope you enjoy the opportunity to see and hear first hand what McDonald's is all about".

You can use special software, called a podcatcher, to "subscribe" to individual programs so that new installments are automatically downloaded when they become available. RSS news readers allow you to automatically retrieve updates and stay current with new content soon after it is published. There are many readers available and most are free.

Apple's iTunes automates downloads and syncing with iPod players. Another free podcast program, Juice (formerly iPodder), works with a variety of portable players. Some popular RSS readers which also support podcasting include: My Yahoo!, Feed Demon, FeedReader and NewsGator.

Click this link to check out the McDonald's podcasts.


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