OneDerWear: The Wear Once Disposable Underwear

I know, everyone's wondering, right now, why I'm writing an article about disposable underwear on a service about blindness. I haven't lost my mind, hang in there and let me set this up and I think you'll see my reason for this entry.

Have you ever went to a national convention and, once at the hotel, discovered that you forgot to pack the stack of socks and underwear that you had sitting beside the suitcase before the cab showed up to take you to the airport? You thought you put it in with the shampoo and all the other necessities for the trip. Now, what are you going to do. Will you go to the giftshop and ask if they sell underwear? Maybe you'll get lucky and there will be a store near the hotel, but being a visitor to the city, how will you get there? Are you actually going to take a cab somewhere to buy socks and underwear?

Maybe you just don't want dirty socks and underwear around until you get home to do the laundry.

OneDerWear is an ultra-light disposable underwear created for traveling. Designed to provide the utmost comfort and convenience, OneDerWear disposable underwear is 100% cotton and ideally packaged for maximum space efficiency. Each package contains five compact pairs of individually wrapped disposable underwear that can fit in the palm of your hand. With OneDerWear, you simply wear and toss!

My suggestion for the above situation would be to put a pack of these in your suitcase and leave them there. Now, if you ever forget to pack socks or underwear, you're good to go because you've got a backup.

OneDerWear comes in a variety of packs and colors. For men, there are the classic Briefs and Boxers. Women can choose from Classic Briefs, Bikini Briefs or Thongs. Socks are available in Mid-Calf or Ankle Length, in black or white. Each pack is sold for six bucks, not bad to insure that you always have what you need on a trip.

By the end of your trip, you'll be surprised to find plenty of luggage space for gifts and souvenirs.

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