Protect Your Thumb and Clean Up Your Language While Hammering

In Fred's Head, we talk about devices that no blind or visually impaired person should be without because they improve their lives in some way or another. Well, if you work with wood or find yourself hammering nails into things often, I have another gadget for you. This one not only keeps you safe but prevents you from using the colorful language that often occurs when working with a hammer.

The inventor of this intelligent gadget must have bruised his thumb many a times while using the hammer. He or she obviously got tired of this and created a device that will help you keep the hammer on the right target.

The ThumbSaver was designed and tested by real tradesmen and lends a helping hand when driving nails, screws, fence staples, or just about any fastener. You can use ThumbSaver on nearly any job from fine trim or craft work to the largest framing jobs, building fences, decks or installing joist hangers.

A strong magnet is machined into the durable ergonomically designed aluminum shaft and finished off with a comfort grip. Just pull the tool out of your pack or tool belt, pick up a fastener with the magnet and drive the nail or screw! Once you use it you will know why it is called the ThumbSaver!

The thumbSaver comes in two sizes: large is 7 1/2 inches long with a 7/8 inch grip. Mini is 6 inches long with a 5/8 inch grip.

Click this link to order the ThumbSaver from the Awesome Tools website.


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