Using Scissors

To teach a student with visual impairment how to hold and use scissors:

  1. Put the scissors in your own hand and let the student feel the hand position and the cutting movement (hand-over-hand, student's hand on top).
  2. Let the student hold the scissors and put your hand around the student's hand to help guide while cutting (hand-over-hand, teacher's hand on top).
  3. Let the student practice cutting on raised line paper until the student is able to cut along the line.

Note: Some students' hands are too weak to cut through two thicknesses of fabric. Let these students cut one thickness at a time. Electric scissors are sometimes helpful.

These tips from Carol Woodward were published on the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired website and are made available by special permission of the author.

Laser Guided Scissors

If the student has some vision and can see lasers, consider scissors with a laser attached. Straight cuts every time! Simply follow the straight line projected from the on-board laser for perfect cuts from the stainless steel blades. Perfect for fabrics, signs, and anything requiring a long, straight cut.

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