Cranky Web Search for Boomers and Seniors

Here's a search engine dedicated to those over the age of fifty, but low vision visitors may find it useful as well. The only difference between this search engine and the more popular is that the search results are in larger type, and it shows only four results at a time (presumably because you old people get confused by too much information). Here's what the site's creator had to say.

"My new company, Eons, is all about celebrating life that begins at 50. I want to invite you to start thinking about the unprecedented opportunity to travel and explore, to re-invent our careers, to nurture relationships, to give back to the community to live life to the fullest. With the longevity revolution, the 50+ generation has the potential to live nearly 20 years more than our grandparents did. This creates the longest, most unstructured and dare I say most exciting time of our lives".

The site works great with screen readers and has additional accessibility features.

Click this link to perform a Cranky search of the net:


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