Do You Have Unclaimed Money or Property?

Have you ever forgotten about a check that someone owed you? It sounds hard to believe, but it happens. Did you get your tax return from the state last year? Are you sure?

Thousands of dollars of unclaimed property and checks go undelivered because the state doesn't have current information on the recipient. Someone could leave you money as part of a will and if you don't know about it, the money will sit in a state office until claimed by you or another family member.

As blind and visually impaired people, we know it's easy to misplace a piece of printed mail or to have someone forget to read it to us. Mail can easily be thrown away without us even knowing about it.

Most state treasury departments have online databases of unclaimed property that you can search for free. It only takes filling out a couple of pages of information, and sending a credit card bill that has an old address to claim most items.

To check and see if you have any unclaimed funds, click on your state's link below. Most have a simple database search. If you find your name with an address that's familiar to you, download the paperwork. Instructions should be on the page. Usually, it entails proving you're who you say you are (copy of a state ID) and proving that you lived at that address. If you don't have an old bill from the address, many times your electric or credit card company can make a copy.

Alabama State Treasury Unclaimed Property Program

Alaska's Unclaimed Property Searchable Database

Arizona Department of Revenue Unclaimed Property Division

Great Arkansas Treasure Hunt

California State Controller UCP Inquiry System

Great Colorado Payback

Connecticut State Treasury Unclaimed Property Owners' List

Escheat Unclaimed Property (Delaware) - Maybe Delaware is more efficient than other states because their list is so small that it's a .pdf file instead of a database!

Great Florida Treasure Hunt

Georgia Unclaimed Property Program

State of Hawaii Unclaimed Property Search

Idaho State Tax Commission

Illinois State Treasurer Cash Dash

Indiana Unclaimed

Great Iowa Treasure Hunt

Kansas State Treasurer

Kentucky State Treasury

Louisiana Department of the Treasury

Maine Unclaimed Property

Comptroller of Maryland

Massachusetts Abandoned Property

Michigan's Money Quest

Minnesota Department of Commerce

Mississippi State Treasurer

Missouri State Treasurer

Montana Department of Revenue Unclaimed Property

Nebraska State Treasurer

Nevada Unclaimed Property New Hampshire Treasury

New Jersey Taxation

State of New Mexico Unclaimed Property

New York State's Unclaimed Funds

North Carolina Unclaimed Property Program

North Dakota State Land Department

Ohio Online Treasure Hunt

Oklahoma Unclaimed Property Fund Search

State of Oregon Unclaimed Property

Pennsylvania Treasury

Rhode Island Treasury Unclaimed Property

South Carolina Unclaimed Property

South Dakota Unclaimed Property

Tennessee Treasury Department

Texas Window on State Government

Utah State Treasurer

Vermont State Treasurer

Commonwealth of Virginia Department of the Treasury

Washington State Department of Revenue

West Virginia Treasury

Wisconsin Office of the State Treasurer

Wyoming Unclaimed Property


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