Easy Braille with Bluetooth

Handy Tech North America has announced the release of Easy Braille with Bluetooth. This 40 cell braille display represents the latest innovation in portable braille technology. If you are familiar with the USB version of Easy Braille, then you will appreciate the same easy access to your computer. Now you can control your computer from up to 30 feet away.

Imagine being in an important meeting, class or at a critical point in a good book and suddenly your batteries go flat. Just recharge them by plugging in the power adaptor or replace the 4 AAA batteries that you can purchase anywhere and you are up and running again. Easy to exchange standard batteries are used for all of Handy Tech's portable Braille devices. No more shipping your display off to who knows where, for who knows how long and spending literally hundreds of dollars on shipping and repair charges only to find out that your battery needed to be replaced.

Easy Braille works with your favorite screen reader, comes with an AC power adaptor/charger, attractive carrying case to protect your investment, USB cable for those times you are working near your computer and an easy to navigate manual on CD.

With it's extremely small footprint, a cursor routing button above each Braille cell and an easy to use Braille keyboard for input and control, Easy Braille is a great Portable 40 cell braille display.

Don't worry if your laptop or PC doesn't already have Bluetooth, because as with all Handy Tech portable displays, Easy Braille comes with a free USB Bluetooth adaptor and each unit comes pre-programmed with it's own unique Bluetooth pairing code.

For more information about Easy Braille or any of the Handy Tech products, please call: 651-636-5184 Or point your web browser to: http://www.handytech.us.


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