FineTune Your Music Experience

Give FineTune a song or artist you like, and get a streaming playlist of forty-five songs you're sure to love in return. Make or browse "mix tape" widgets of your favorite songs to share the soundtrack of your life on your blog or website. You can even record an audio introduction for each of your playlists, shout out to your friends! Join the community and listen to over twenty thousand playlists created by other members and by professional DJs.

This site is great for listening to new music and the classic hits you remember. They have over 2 million tracks! The audio quality is good and most of the site is screen-reader friendly. You will have some difficulties with the flash player because the buttons are not properly labeled. This is common for most flash-based programs but you can get around this by using the links at the top of each page. An Apollo based desktop client is also available but I haven't tested it for accessibility.

If you enter an artist name on the home page or click on the Radio link on any artist page, you'll enter a feature called Artist Radio. This feature will play you songs from that artist and related artists. Try it and see what I mean.

Within seconds, I had a playlist going with country songs from the 1980s. It was really easy to find the artists I wanted and to get them to the playlist. One of the great features is the biographical information you get on the artists you look up. Individual tracks can be purchased through iTunes and entire albums through Give this one a try, you won't be disappointed.

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