Handicapped Pets

There are over 130 Million pets in the US. 47% of them are considered, by their caretakers, "Members of the Family," receiving the same level of love and care as others in the family. 60% of these pets will receive a serious injury in their lifetime that can be helped by the products, services, and support on http://www.HandicappedPets.com. Even more, as they age, will be assisted by products for elderly pets like diapers, support slings, ramps, and more.

HandicappedPets.com was created in 2001 to support the caretakers of Elderly, Disabled, and Handicapped Pets. We have all of the products, services, and support you'll need. The Site was created by Mark C. Robinson in memory of Mercedes, a slightly epileptic Keeshound who was put to sleep before her time because he Mark didn't know any better and had no way to find out more. Now there's a way. The site is overflowing with stories and photos about health and healing, love and commitment, and the unique connection that takes place when an animal and a human choose to take care of one another.

10 Northern Blvd, #7
Amherst, NH 03031
Toll Free: 888-811-PETS
Phone: 603-577-8854
Fax: 603-584-9349
Web: http://www.HandicappedPets.com


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