Heard any good movies lately?

I know people who get bored at work sometimes. That's unfortunate - we spend most of our day at work, so it should be enjoyable.

I suppose everybody and every job has its days. Well, I have some sites that will ease some of your pain on those boring days.

Movies for the Blind

enjoy films without looking at a screen. This site takes public-domain movies and adds audio description to them, making them available for free listening or download.

Click this link to visit http://moviesfortheblind.com.

Listen to Movies

At http://www.listentoamovie.com, you can select from a variety of popular movies and television shows. They range from comedy to drama to science fiction.

There's a catch, though: You can only listen to a movie. That's right! There's perfect accessibility for the blind here because there's no video to distract you - or tip off your boss.

Now, if your supervisor is really strict about these things, try the stealth mode. It makes the player window look like a spreadsheet. How clever.

The selections are non-DVS (not described for the blind), so be aware that you're only going to hear the original audio track. New selections are being added frequently. Keep checking back for new things to listen to.

Click this link to Listen to a Movie: http://www.listentoamovie.com.


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