Help Bring Accessibility to XM Radio Receivers

I received the following email and wanted to share it with you. There come times when opportunities arise to bring accessibility to products. There are people out there who realize that things need to be useful to everyone and that no one is getting any younger. Vision issues are going to dominate the lives of many baby boomers. Please help by reading the following and emailing the address below.

by Jim Aldrich: and

Hello all,

I was speaking with Mr. Ralph Stewart of I was inquiring about which XM Radio Receiver was accessible to Blind people these days. A number of changes have taken place which necessitated some changes in XM receivers. The demodulator needed to be turned down to minimize interference to those listening to standard radio stations, especially in an automobile. Some people didn't like Howard Stern coming over their favorite religious station as an example. Many of the newer XM portables are using touch screens these days which aren't accessible for us.

Mr. Stewart then said it's about time for XM receivers to have audio feedback or prompts for those who cannot see the screen. Some engineers he spoke with said the chips used in XM receivers would easily support speech output. He wants to know how many people would be interested in an XM Receiver with speech? Please Email him at Let's open the flood gates and let him hear from us! He will forward our mail to appropriate engineers and personnel at XM Radio. Perhaps we can make a difference! Please feel free to pass this on to any blindness lists you are on. Thanks for reading!


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