The History of Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has always been something I've celebrated in one way or another. From the days of my childhood when I made my parents Valentine cards with red construction paper, crayons, glitter and glue to today when I send an accessible Valentine's card and flowers to my wife and candy to my children. It's a day where we celebrate the ones we love, whether they are our significant other or our children. But, how did it all get started?

Here's a site with all the answers. You'll find navigation to be very easy, it's all there on the side menu for those with vision. The sections are:

  • The History of Valentine's Day: Here you will learn the History of Valentine's Day in several ways. You'll learn about St. Valentine, Cupid and more.

  • Valentine's E-cards: Don't have the time or money to go get a Valentine's card for that special someone? Or do you want to send a sighted loved one a Valentine's message? Well, now is your chance! Choose one of the images you'd like to use as your Valentine card. Next, click the Create a Title tab, where you can fully customize what your card says on the front and how it looks. Then go to Personalize E-card, write your message and put in the email address for you and your recipient. Now, all you have to do is go to the Preview and Send tab and make sure it all looks right and then send it away to your Valentine! Obviously, this works best if you have some vision, but folks using screen readers may find it useful as well.

  • Featured Valentine's Clips: Here you can watch 10 clips about Valentine's Day and even take a quiz on the holiday. Each video is on a different topic, ranging from the History of Valentine's Day to an Ice Wedding to the Sexual Revolution. Check it out and then take the quiz!

  • Did You Know: This section is a great collection of little tidbits and facts about Valentine's Day that you may not know. It's divided into categories: Looking for Love, Be Mine, Candy is Dandy, Flowers and Jewelry. You can even find the names of some romantic sounding places here.

  • Love Letters from the President: As a fan of history, this is the most interesting section to me. Here you can read actual love letters written by President Harry Truman to the love of his life, Bess. The letters start from the early days of the courtship through their marriage and life at the White House.

Click this link to learn The History of Valentine's Day.


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