USB Battery Charger

I'll bet you spend a lot of time with your portible MP3 player. Can you count the number of books and podcasts that you've listened to? I'll also bet you've used a lot of batteries too? I know, we all thought that the long life that we get from these players would be enough, but what we didn't count on is that the longer life just meant that we spend even more time listening, still running down tons of batteries.

Now think about how all those batteries find themselves in the dumpster, headed for land fills. Rechargeable is definitely the way to go. With the Apex USB charger, four batteries can charge in four hours by plugging into your computer's USB port. The unit is small, just four inches square and one inch high, perfect for traveling. You can choose whether to charge AA or AAA batteries in the pack. Not only that, it makes a great carrying case for your spare set of batteries; as you use one set, the other can be charging nicely or stowed and ready-to-go.

Click this link to purchase the Apex USB charger from ThinkGeek.


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