Clean Up After Your Dog Guide with SCOOPEX

Cleaning up after your dog guide has never been easier! Scoopex turns a daily hassle into an easy routine. From its compact package, SCOOPEX pulls out to form a triangle with a grip on top. The plastic capture bag is affixed around one side. Waste capture is accomplished with a single scooping motion. When finished, the grip on top is pushed down to lock and seal the waste for disposal. SCOOPEX is designed for anyone who needs a simple, discreet and convenient way to dispose of their pet/dog guide waste. Measures 2.25x 4.5 x .2 inches Built-in handle locks down to seal after use.

  1. Lift open and press handles together: Triangular frame builds up and bag unfolds.
  2. Keep handles pressed together and scoop waste into the bag.
  3. After collecting waste press down the frame to seal and toss.

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