Enemy Attack Audiogame for the Blind

Your mission in this game for the blind is a nearly hopeless endeavor: to destroy all the enemy's aircraft and bombs, but beware--it's not as easy as it sounds!

You will have to destroy 9 levels of enemies, with ten waves per level. The waves are not announced, but for each wave destroyed you are rewarded with the enemy coming at you a bit faster. You will be attacked with jets, planes, choppers, falling bombs and other surprises.

To attack the enemy, you press keys on the keyboard. Since the jets fly the highest, you use the top row of the keyboard--1 through dash. To shoot down the planes, use q through left bracket. To knock out the choppers, use a through apostrophe. To destroy the bombs, use z through slash.

So, if a jet comes screaming along from left to right, (and you catch it quick enough,) you can use 1 if it is on the extreme left, 2 if it is a little further on, and so forth. It is the same with the planes, choppers, and bombs. The sooner you hit your targets, the more points you gain.

The movement of the jets and planes is straightforward. They either move from left to right or from right to left. The choppers move back and forth, having no real direction except downward. Therefore they move quickly around in a random fashion to make them harder to hit. The bombs are on parachutes and are blown by the wind, so they also move back and forth as they descend. .

The points system is simple: the sooner you destroy an enemy, the more points you get. If a plane takes off and you shoot it immediately, you will earn more points than if you hit it when it is in the middle of the soundscreen. The same is true for other craft. Every time you miss a shot, though, you lose 1000 points, so be warned--if you want a good score, shoot to destroy.

The game ends when you run out of gunners to fight with, or, of course, in the unlikely event that you win.

Click this link to experience Enemy Attack!


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