Haggle for the Best Price Online

Do you sometimes wish you could replicate online the experience of being in one of those open market places where you can negotiate prices with individual merchants? Or wish you could just keep your eye on a product at an online store so that you know when it goes on sale, without having to go back to the store again and again? If so, then you might enjoy trying out NetHaggler: http://www.nethaggler.com, a web application that allows you to bargain with participating online merchants.

It's simple to use. You just download a toolbar, the "Hagglebar." Then you try and get better prices for the things you're shopping for in three different ways: by tagging, nagging, and haggling. So, you can simply tag items you want to buy when the price is lowered, in which case you'll receive an alert when the price goes down to your target price (though you're not obligated to buy). Or, you can be a little more active and nag the merchant for a better price, by making an offer. This may be a little awkward at first if you grew up in a culture where you "just don't do that." I, for one, hate to bargain in person, but I might like it better in this context where I don't have to see a human being. The third option is to "haggle in a gaggle," which means you set a price, and NetHaggler will negotiate for you if it can aggregate enough demand at that price.

I love this concept if it works. And I like their whimsical marketing -- to "tag, nag and haggle" just sounds like fun. I haven't checked out the Hagglebar for accessibility with JAWS or Window Eyes, someone give it a try and let me know how it works. Low vision users shouldn't have any problems with a screen magnification program.

Click this link to visit the NetHaggler website at http://www.nethaggler.com.


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