Horse Racing Simulation Game for the Blind

Enter the stadium with your sleek trained race horse, for a period of back to back, authentic horse racing! Complete with commentator,crowd and great ambience! Some of the features include :

  • 5 horses to choose from
  • authentic crowd and background ambience
  • commentator
  • uses Microsoft SAPI to give status info to the player
  • additional support for jaws and window eyes users who dont want to use the built-in speech
  • obstacles to avoid
  • points system
  • easy to use in-game menus
  • high quality sound effects
  • a board creator
  • bonus level
  • cheat codes and easter eggs!

You can download the horse racing game by clicking this link to visit the Lighttech Interactive Light Games page.


Unknown said…
Well, its great idea, i played games like But i never played or searched for games that can be played by blind also. Its really a great idea.

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