Light Cars: Where Blind Drivers Zoom at Light Speed!

Light cars is an adictive remake of the tetris console's car racing game, but this version is for the blind. Choose your own car and start zooming and avoiding tons of cars coming from each direction trying to crash you! The game includes 2 game modes : tetris mode being the clasic racing game and arcade mode with all it's arcade consepts; avoid holes in the road, skid, grab items, get engine repairs, shoot cars, and much more! Features include :

  • 4 different types of cars to choose from (light car, lego car, electric car and electric jip) with each one having it's advantages and disadvantages.
  • play the game on 3 difficulty levels : easy, normal, and crazy
  • 2 game modes (themes) : tetris mode and arcade mode!.
  • shoot - the - birds bonus level.
  • the game has an unlimited number of levels : play the game untill your car goes bang! (can even get to level million) or can it?
  • the ability to remap the keys on your keyboard to your liking!
  • the ability to view your local top ten scores for each difficulty level as well as your high score.
  • compete with other gamers by sending your score to the Lighttech Interactive score charts!.
  • save and load your game!
  • view your complete game statistics as it gets written each game you play.
  • the ability to exit the game though (it's an option you'll rarelly remember to use when getting adicted to it - I warned you!)

You can download Light Cars by clicking this link to visit the Lighttech Interactive Light Games page.


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