NOAA Weather Radio Online and Weather Via RSS

The National Weather Service says that you may be in for some bad weather. How are you going to keep up with the changes? You could hunt around to find a local radio station that actually gives the complete weather forecasts, you could turn on the TV and hope they say something, or you could use a service that delivers the weather to your computer. delivers the current weather conditions to you through RSS technology. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and can be read through a variety of programs and websites.

Using this service is simple, and you'll love the convenience of getting the up to the minute weather conditions.

  1. Click this link to visit the home page:

  2. This website is so smart that it should have put you directly on the weather page for your state. If it didn't, simply enter the name of your state in the edit box provided.,

  3. Click on the link that represents your county.

  4. Click on the link for your city.

  5. You will now be presented with the current conditions for your chosen city. This page will include current moon conditions, links for any warnings, current radar links, Climate information, and two RSS links.

The RSS links are the ones we want to look at very closely. By clicking on the RSS links, you can create a URL that can be copied to any RSS reader or RSS enabled website. Once this URL is properly added, you will receive weather updates specific to your city.

If you click on the "Custom RSS 2.0 Feed" you can tell exactly what information you wish to receive. This is a great site and it's free!

For more information on RSS technology search the Fred's Head Database or the Fred's Head Companion for "RSS".

Stream NOAA Radio

Here's a website which allows you to listen to live audio streams of NOAA Weather Radio stations, throughout the United States.

Click this link to visit the NOAA Weather Radio website:

For those who like to use software to track weather and get forecasts for here and there, a free program to use is Weather Pulse from Tropic Designs Software. Users report that the latest version is more accessible with the JAWS and Hal screen readers.

Click this link to learn more or to download Weather Pulse.


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