Social Networking Sites for the Blind

Blind Spots

We've all heard of social networking sites. You may not know the term, but you certainly know some social networking sites like, Flickr, or MySpace. Now there's one for the blind.

Draconis Entertainment, has launched its latest service This is a social networking site devoted to the blind, visually impaired, their friends, and families. At BlindSpots you can showcase your talents and wares, keep a blog, and make new friends. Other features are already available, and more will be coming soon.

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Blink Nation

From the site:

"This is Blink Nation, a screen-reader-friendly social network specially tailored for blind users. We strive to make an environment that is feature rich but clutter free. As you browse this site, you'll probably notice several, major differences from other, less organized web pages you've visited. For instance, you'll notice we've replaced long lists of links with drop down menus and accompanying Go buttons. We've removed annoying images, so that you won't be left in the dark on any useful information or tripping over useless decorations. We've marked distinct sections in the content so that you can quickly navigate between headers. We've reduced the use of tables for clarity's sake. And we make a point to only use dynamic content that plays nicely with your screen reader."

"Blink Nation is an on-going project to create new features and content for blind users. This site will continue to evolve and grow as our community grows. The beauty of a social network is that it's all about you and your individuality. This is a place to express yourself, keep track of old friends, and hopefully make a ton of new ones. As a social network for the blind, we also hope this can be a place where you find help, support, mentors, and knowledge that would be useful outside the virtual world as well."

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Other Social Networking Sites

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