Tips to Help Bread Last Longer

There's nothing worse than needing bread for a sandwich or toast, or a bun for a hamburger or hot dog, and opening the bag to find a rather unsightly looking green fuzzy patch growing on it. Many a bag of bread has succumbed to this unfortunate event in our house, until I discovered a way to make my bread last longer.

With four of us, two being teenagers, we go through a lot of bread each week. The first way I prolong the life of my bread is to freeze a few loaves as soon as I get home from the store. Just set them out a few hours before lunch and you're good to go.

In addition to freezing bread to make it last longer, I use my refrigerator to store it. I learned that trick from my mom when I was just a kid. She has always stored her bread in the refrigerator and I can tell you, it does last much longer. This is a great method to prolong the life of your bread. It stays fresher and tastes better.

One last tip: You can place a couple of slices into freezer bags, and store in the freezer. When you need the bread for something, place the bag into the microwave for twenty seconds on medium power. If you need additional time, just add 10 seconds on medium power until it is to the desired temperature. It should be perfect when you remove it. You can additionally take the bread straight from the freezer and into the toaster with no thawing for a delicious piece of toast in the morning!


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