USB Amber Alert Child ID Kit

No parent likes to think about it, but in the unlikely event that your child is abducted, quick response makes all the difference. Do you have all the updated information? Recent photos? Screen names, MySpace account details, personal blogs, medical information? Not that I want to make you feel like a bad parent, most of us have a tattered child ID card in our wallet, but that can quickly be outdated and if you're blind, how would you immediately read it in a real emergency?

Recognizing this need, Global Security Alerts paired with Kingston Technology, a supplier of memory products, has developed the AMBER Alert Child ID Kit, which stores all the information on a USB device.

It's convenient to use and update, which is the key feature, and keeps your child's profile, photos and online identity information securely in one place.

Click this link to purchase the USB Amber Alert Child ID Kit for your family.


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