CNN Audio Links for the Blind

There's so much going on in our world today. It's hard to keep up with everything when you can't pick up a newspaper and read the headlines. You don't always have access to a television, especially at the office and radio signals can be difficult to receive in some buildings. You could turn to the internet but streaming video isn't always an option. What good does video do for people who are blind anyway?

CNN has two audio streams that will make keeping up with the news as simple as clicking a mouse. Audio streams of CNN Radio and CNN Television are available and stream via Windows Media. Clicking on the following links will load a page from CNN and the audio should start within a few seconds. If you have a pop-up blocker, you'll want to insure that it is active because of advertisement pages that will try to load. You can also use the podcast link to have hourly news updates delivered to your computer or portible MP3 player.

Click this link to listen to CNN Radio.

Click this link to listen to the audio of CNN Television. Click this link to subscribe to the CNN Hourly News Podcast:


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