Night Reader

No, I didn't say Knight Rider, I said Night Reader. You guys are so 80s. Anyway, this device was designed for those who can't sleep without doing a bit of reading. The Night Reader Book Cover allows one to continue reading without bothering anyone after the lights go out.

How cool would this be for those who have low vision? How many times have you needed a little extra light in the library or classroom?Just slip this attractive book cover onto your favorite novel, pull up the periscoping light, and you will have the luxury of having your own personal lamp to read by.

The Night Reader's white light is restful on the eyes and its adjustable neck and pivoting head allows you to shift the light anywhere you need it. The Book cover light contains energy-efficient LEDs that last an incredible 100,000 hours, never needing replacement!

Click this link to purchase the Night Reader.


Curt said…
sounds pretty cool
poop scoop said…
sounds very interesting

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