Push Button Padlock: Accessible Security for the Blind

Push Button Padlock

You've just started school and you need a lock for your locker. What do you usually do? I'll bet you buy a lock from the campus bookstore or the local hardware store and the first thing you do is ask a friend to read the printed code so you know how to unlock the thing. Does this sound familiar to you? "Excuse me, but I just purchased a push button padlock. Can you please tell me what my combination is?" If you have to ask someone what the combination is, then your security may be compromised.

APH to the rescue! The traditional push button padlock is now accessible. You can finally have a combination that is known only to you. Each lock comes with two large print/braille cards listing the combination, along with large print and braille instructions. Buttons eliminate the worry of losing a key. Just push five buttons and presto, you're in! Use at school, work, or home.

Push Button Padlock:
Catalog Number: 1-03990-00
Click this link to purchase the Push Button Padlock.

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Flash Padlock USB Drive

Now, if you like this type of lock for your locker or backyard gate, how about taking the same idea and putting it on a USB thumb drive?

The Corsair Flash Padlock drive is available in a 1GB and a 2GB model for those of you who need serious file storage. The Flash Padlock offers a feature you won't see elsewhere.

The front of the drive has a five button keypad that allows you to set your own, custom pin number of up to ten digits long. A hardware-enabled auto-lock function secures the drive each time you unplug it from your PC once you choose a pin number.

Once the drive is secure, the data on the drive can't be accessed unless you know the pin number. The drive won't even be recognized by Windows when plugged into a computer without entering the pin number. No software is required on the attached computer for the Flash Padlock to work and it is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Click this link to visit the Corsair website to learn more about the USB Flash Padlock.


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