Restaurant Menus That Talk

Menus That Talk is a portable, compact device, approximately the size of a DVD case, that speaks to restaurant guests, describing selected food items from the hand-held unit's illuminated buttons.

A lighted array of buttons displays major menu categories like DRINKS, APPETIZERS and SEAFOOD. Guests simply press a button corresponding to a category and hear brief descriptions of cuisine, wine suggestions, sides and prices. At the touch of a button, Menus That Talk describes what's for dinner.

No habla ingles? No problem: Just press the language button for Spanish or another language. No more squinting in dim light or turning page after page of complex printed menus. No more awkward conferences with busy waiters.

Ready to order? A Service button pages your waiter. For the visually disabled, the buttons are also imprinted in Braille. Guests who can't see the button names and don't use Braille can browse the menu simply by tapping buttons to hear categories. Another tap brings up the details.

In noisy restaurants or for the hearing-impaired, Menus That Talk features a detachable hand-held earphone. The earphone also interfaces with Tele-coil equipped hearing-aids.

Menus That Talk serves the needs and comforts of all restaurant patrons with its simple layout, ease of use and ability to deliver voice anywhere in the restaurant. Benefits for the restaurants include streamlining menu selections, reducing server assistance time and bringing the menu to a larger, appreciative audience.

For more information, contact:

Susan Perry, President, CEO
Phone: 305-255-9600

Richard Herbst, VP Marketing
Cell: 786-449-9351

Menus That Talk:


Greg said…
I saw that on a TV Commercial and was wondering what that was.. thanks for the info..
Renegade said…
Before you know it, everything will be talking. Everywhere you go will be the sound of a computer generated voice spouting off a sales spiel. Just like every toy my kids have talks or sings when you press a button.

I guess it's just a sign of the times.

Interesting stuff!

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